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"Working with Entheosweb has been a pleasurable experience. They were very friendly, professional, efficient and attend to all my inquiries in an expeditious manner. The customization of my website was completed in record time. Clement, did an amazing job. I am very pleased with the work and time they have put into my template and the professional outcome of their work. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested in obtaining customization for their website."

Handel  -
Template #30172

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Our awesome templates include responsive web templates, HTML5, CSS & jQuery website templates, single page website templates, Flash templates, ecommerce website templates, wordpress themes, Joomla templates, Facebook templates and more! Our templates include the source files so it can be customized completely. Our latest templates are on the cutting edge of web design and technology and include amazing features like homepage intro slideshow animations powered by jQuery, drop down menus, custom fonts, full screen background images, contact us forms, google maps, social networking icons, rollover effects, photo galleries and more! Click on the Live Demo button in the preview page to see all the cool features live online.

Template Number: 48153
Type: JavaScript Based
Author: Ares
Downloads: 2
Price: $67

Template Number: 45650
Type: Stretched Flash CMS Theme
Author: Glenn
Downloads: 1
Price: $139

Template Number: 47893
Type: Responsive JavaScript Animated
Author: Sawyer
Downloads: 4
Price: $69

CMS & Blog Website Templates

Template Number: 50985
Type: Drupal
Author: Cerberus
Downloads: 0
Price: $75

Template Number: 50913
Type: Joomla
Author: Cowboy
Downloads: 0
Price: $75

Template Number: 45142
Type: WordPress
Author: Cowboy
Downloads: 7
Price: $75

E-Commerce Wecsite Templates

Template Number: 45762
Type: Magento
Author: Delta
Downloads: 3
Price: $180

Template Number: 50998
Type: PrestaShop
Author: Irene
Downloads: 0
Price: $140

Template Number: 50602
Type: Zen Cart
Author: Hermes
Downloads: 0
Price: $140


"Which is the right template for my website?"

Just think about the purpose for which you are building your site.

We have a large variety of templates - over 40,000 templates that match your needs for:

-Business  -Personal/bio  -Community  -Ecommerce  -Blogs   -Charity  -Hobbies....and more.  
Check them out, buy and download, add your text and pictures, and your website is ready to go!

To further refine your search, think about the following:

Do you plan to sell products online?   

We have over 2,500  dynamic ecommerce templates for you to choose from, based on leading edge online store management software like ZenCart, Magento, CRELoaded, PrestaShop, VirtueMart,  OsCommerce and OpenCart

Do you have a lot of content for your site? Photos, text, video and more?

Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress are excellent to manage all the content on your website, from photos to video to text and multimedia.  These CMS and blog Templates are great for newsmagazines, photographers, writers, designers and bloggers.

Do you need extra features like a photo gallery or a blog?

Many of our templates come with additional features which enhance the visitor’s experience – like a full screen slideshow, photo and video gallery,blog and more.... even an online shop!

Do you have the software and skills required for customizing the template?

If not, we can do it for you.  Save time and effort with professional Template Customization Services from Entheos. Just $499!

If you need more advice on selecting the correct website template for your website, contact Entheos right away!