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Template 34739 - Parallax Design Website Template
TYPE : JS Animated Full Site     AUTHOR :  Hugo
Template 34739 is a Web design Js Animated Full Site website template. JS Animated Templates are just like full Flash websites with animation but there is no Flash in this. Hence they are good for SEO and can be viewed by all hand held devices. These are the full site templates that do not include Flash animation, but contain JavaScript-based elements instead – this makes the templates very light-weight and makes loading fast. These templates are a sort of a mix of JavaScript and HTML, therefore you don’t need any specific software to edit JS Animated Templates. Just a HTML editor will do.
Template 34739 - Parallax Design Website Template

Pages Included:  Works  |  Home  |  About  |  Contacts  |  Blog  |  Privacy Policy  |  Services

Template 34739 - Parallax Design Website Template
This template is also listed under the following categories :  Web design  Razor Templates  Full site  CSS  Wide templates  jQuery Templates  HTML 5   Artist & Painter  
Type : (?):   JS Animated Full Site
Author : Hugo
Template Number : 34739
Pages Included :
    Privacy Policy
Released Date : 07/07/2011
Price : $69
Downloads : 5
Coding:   HTML 5, JQuery,
Animation:  Completely JS
Sources Available : .HTML; .PSD
Software Required : Adobe Dreamweaver 8+; Adobe Photoshop CS+; For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)
Width : 1182px
Product Description: : JavaScript-Animated Full Site CSS templates contain JS-based elements that add Flash-like dynamics and animation while still leaving the templates very light-weight.
Keywords : parallax   design   studio   creative   art   gallery   artists   painting   painters   web   development   webmasters   designers   internet   www   sites   web   design   webpage   personal   portfolio  
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